Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dear Jason

I am so mad at you!!!! I cannot believe what happened on The Bachelor finale last night! I loved Melissa and thought that they made an adorable couple! I don't dislike Molly, but Melissa was definitely my favorite! I wonder what the "surprise" tonight is going to be?

Regardless, I think Melissa handled the situation very well! I think he was a jerk for ending things the way that he did. If they have been talking everyday and spendinga a lot of time together could he not have ended things before they went on national television? Ughhh. And if I were Molly I don't think I would take him back so easily.



  1. I totally agree, I mean that was so wrong of what he did to Melissa. He obviously knew before he came on the show he was going to break up with her so why did he have to embarrass her like that. What a jerk? And then Molly doesnt know how bad it actually made her look taking him back, I mean she wasn't his first choice so obviously at one point in time she was second best so what is telling her she wont be second best again when someone better comes along. Did you see all that touching she was doing on his knee and leg and then all that kissing??? That was un-called for, exspecially after he had just broken up with Melissa. How rude..lol

  2. Jumped over from Bama Belle's blog!

    I agree, he shouldn't have done this on national television and Molly shouldn't have taken him back! I think I'm most mad though about him turning right around and kissing Molly in the exact spot he broke it off with Melissa not 20 minutes earlier! guh!